Fresh Creek Houses, designed in collaboration with LEVENBETTS and Local Office Landscape Architecture, is a response to an RFP issued by the New York City Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development.

Consisting of 187 affordable rental units, the development proposal brings together vital community program and new housing within a dynamic and varied architectural expression. The building contributes density and services to the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn and advances the economic and social development goals for the area; the development proposal reserved space for a new branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, a day care facility, in addition to the housing units.

An open ground floor with views through at-grade community facility space draws residents through to the interior territory of an iconic basketball court within the NYCHA grounds, and the materials of the new building complement the surrounding towers: dappled brick utilizes color sampling from the neighborhood buildings and metal panels at large articulated window frames further break down the scale of the facades.