Bernheimer Architecture designed installations for two vacant lots in a collaborative competition for the outer boroughs of New York City. Working with Community Solutions, BA proposed an art gallery and outdoor theater on one site along with a pop-up retail and food market on the second. Using second-hand shipping containers along with a common palette of humble, sustainable materials, the two sites are transformed into bright, attractive, and safe incubators for economic activity within the neighborhood. 

The first site, with eight shop units and a canopied seating area, connects from street to a local playground. The shop units are housed in two full-length shipping containers that are provided with individual storefronts along with a green roof and accessible boardwalk.  The rear of the lot opens up to a playground with the possibility of utilizing this open space for public programming. On a second site an art gallery is organized around a series of courtyards that intervene between gallery spaces of various sizes and shapes, leading in a meandering path from a cafe at the entrance to the rear of the site, which houses a canopied outdoor film screening and performance area. Windows and glass doors are provided for natural lighting and views of the planted courtyards.