Taz rotates. Taz spins. Taz reorients itself to the sun and surrounding environment.Taz is a 2000 square foot house designed to flexibly respond to any site. This is not for cavalier formal reasons but rather to allow this house, formulated around passive house principles, to go anywhere, any place, and capture sun and light and settle comfortably within any suitable climate.Taz is a carved, shaped volume with dwelling spaces on three floors and spaces lit by a common stair. The ground floor is a social space, with a monumental void rising above the living room to the roof of the house, thus cascading the space with light. The upper floors contain bedrooms and bathrooms; chamfering and pitching of the thick walls of the structure of the house cause a deformation in what is otherwise a simple box, and these chamfers reinforce the opportunity for this house to reorient itself in any place.Taz, thick-walled and super-insulated, is wrapped with wide planks of dark stained wood and is fenestrated by a series of vertically oriented triple-glazed windows, all of just one type. This brings consistency to the warped shape of the house and unifies construction details.Taz's estimated construction budget is $250 per square foot, excluding the contractor's fees, engineering, site acquisition and landscape work beyond the footprint of the house.