The proposed renovation and addition to an extant house in Southampton, BA's work juxtaposes two contrasting material and formal languages in which two storey gabled volumes are interspersed with flat roofed linkages. Familiar weathered cedar shingles and gabled profiles carry a direct and complementary relationship to the original house, while contemporary detailing provides points of difference that prevent these new structures from becoming nostalgic replicas of the 18th Century house to the north. The original structure is itself stripped down to bare structure, with exposed timber framing revealed within the full gabled space of the antique home's volume.

Single story links between volumes offer contrast. Simply profiled and clad in blackened batten-board wood siding the links are recessed into the facade and emphasize the individuality of the each gabled volume. The composition reads as a collection of modestly scaled elements, referencing the form of the important original home on the property.