Bronx Senior Housing Announced

Type A Projects has been designated to develop a site in the South Bronx, which BA will design. The building, on Southern Boulevard in the Crotona Park East neighborhood in the Bronx, is a mixed-use, 100% affordable project with approximately 90 units of senior housing and other community facility. Construction is planned for 2018-2019.

More information from the Office of the Mayor and the New York City Departement of Housing Preservation and Development can be seen here.

Fairy Tale Architecture 2016

In late 2016 Places Journal published a new installment of the Fairy Tale Architecture series, curated by Andy and his siter Kate Bernheimer. The series pairs architects and stories, with each architect creating images that explore the relationship between a specific narrative and architecture. Each image created for this series is based on a tale chosen by either the designer or the curating team.

BA's entry this year was based on The Seven Ravens, a tale of a sister's search across time and space to find her lost brothers.

This years other participants included Snøhetta, Ultramoderne, and Smiljan Radic.


Rhode Island, Taking Shape

Below is an interior photo of the Quonny house framing. The blue dashed outlined shapes are the locations of monumental skylights which run through the second floor to the roof of the house and which are chamfered at different angles to create a variety of tonal surfaces. The lower picture is the waterside view of the house facing Quonochontaug Pond.

1207 - Site Visit 2013-09-23 2nd Floor-81.jpg