HR&A Advisors play a key role in the transformation of obsolete, transitional or derelict urban areas by generating creative analysis and strategies for mixed use developments, affordable housing and waterfront revitalization projects. Our firm collaborated with this unique group to analyze and re-purpose the corporate office to support team-based working methods organized around a network of common work and relaxation spaces. The typical "partners row" was bent and broken within an industrial loft space in Tribeca, disruptin gthe usual office hierarchy by distributing the senior staff among the varous "neighborhoods" of workstations.  Meeting spaces are conceived as moments of varying intensity within an urban context - from the solitary "phone booth" to group meetin gareas of different scales and formality that facilitate the full range of office activity from reading and writing to discussion and presentation. The individual expands on their work space by combining shared spaces with desk space in a manner akin to the small apartment dwellers' process of appropriating public spaces in the city as a momentary living room or dining room to create a larger sense of "home" and connection to the community in which one lives and works.

(in collaboration with Jared Della Valle) 

Photography by Andrew Bernheimer/Bernheimer Architecture