Drawing on the legacy of two seminal Chicago architectural figures, our design for the Chicago Biennial Lakefront Kiosk (FORM FRAMED) brings together two theoretical opponents – a Miesian structural frame and a Wrightian structural space.

An external frame, built of steel and aluminum, utilizes seminal materials of the modern project. An interior structure, creating habitable space in the form of three light-gathering sky-lit volumes, is crafted from CNC-milled cross-laminated timber (CLT) -- an engineered, renewable material fabricated and panelized utilizing innovative machining techniques, sequestering carbon.

The two systems create three spaces. The largest is utilized for vending and cooking, the programming of the kiosk in the first year will engage food culture and education. The second, small and enclosed, is meant for information distribution. The third is a mere passageway, allowing visitors to walk through the kiosk, to perceive the spaces made by the CLT volumes of the pavilion.

This project was an entry for the Chicago Architectural Biennial Lakefront Kiosk Competition.